Meet our new Interior Designer at Algram

Meet our new Interior Designer at Algram

Have you heard the news? We’ve now got an interior designer in store here at Algram, Ballymena.

We always want to offer our customers the best possible service and experience. We tirelessly work towards improving what we do, with that being said we are very excited to reveal that we have brought our first ever interior designer on board!


Meet Rachel Rachel Interior Designer


Rachel has only just landed with us and already she is working her magic in our showroom in Ballymena. In the short time she has been here she has been able to bring specialised and personalised help to customers already.

We thought it would be nice for you to get to know her a little as she is very quickly becoming a vital member of our team.

Rachel has always had a love for Art and Design throughout her school years, so much so that she went on to study Textile Art, Design and Fashion at University. Rachel’s love for interior design comes out of a passion and that is what truly excites us about having her on board. She is not here to do a job, she is here to help people make their home a place where they love to be, and a place they can be proud to call home. Her creative eye will add such value to what we do here at Algram.


Interior Designer Fabric Samples


When you come to Algram, Rachel will be able to offer you advice which is detail orientated - from choosing accent colours, to ensuring that the furniture you have chosen is the correct fit for your room. She will help you visualise and encourage you to think differently about your space. The best part of what Rachel offers is her creativity. She will be using her expertise in colour theory to help you co-ordinate your room with your choice of style and colour, all whilst trying to work towards your budget.


Interior Designer Research


We know what you’re thinking, “this all sounds great, but how much will it cost?” We have decided to make this service entirely free to ALL of our customers.

Unlike many other high street retailers, we see the added value in having an in house interior designer because we see the value in your home. This is something that is fairly unique among furniture stores in Northern Ireland, and we are proud to be leading the way in this.


Interior Design Consultation


Our desire will always be to give our customer a well rounded service from the moment they walk through the door, we consistently add value to your furniture buying experience.

We look forward to seeing you and offering this new service tailored specifically to your home.


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15th February 2019

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