Natuzzi Showroom at Algram, Ballymena

Natuzzi Showroom at Algram, Ballymena

Our New Jaw Dropping Natuzzi Showroom at Algram, Ballymena

We are a family run furniture company, established in a town called Ballymena, in Northern Ireland.

Luxury furniture has always been, and will always be our passion. The company was established 60 years ago, but in recent years we’ve felt the call to bring the company into the 21st century.


How are we doing this?

Let us fill you in below!


We began with giving our website a much needed facelift, and we are delighted with the outcome, and I think you all are too. We then moved onto our branding, which we cleaned up and simplified. We are now at the stage where we have just recently finished updating a section of our store downstairs. This updated part of our store now showcases exclusively, Natuzzi, a premium range that Algram have been trading with for around a decade.

Natuzzi’s vision is to bring harmony to your home, by providing you with furniture that does exactly that. It’s as simple as that.

We all live busy and chaotic lives, and the last thing we need is more chaos when we get home. Hand crafted in Italy, they pride themselves in clean lines, with no fuss. We couldn't be more proud of our affiliation with such a prestigious brand. Natuzzi are all about Innovation, design and most importantly comfort. The great thing is this - their sofas and chairs all come with the option of leather or upholstery. The choice is all yours!

When you come into our Natuzzi Showroom in Algram, you’ll find a vast range of different shapes, sizes, shades and styles. That’s what makes Natuzzi such a great brand to work with, their variety is vast, yet every single piece maintains the quality and expertise as if it had just been made for you. The Natuzzi showroom is the beginning of our entire store renovation. The difference we have found already is phenomenal. Make sure to keep up to date via our social media pages with our renovation journey. We are so exited to see the end result, and we hope you are too.


Algram is all about modern living. This generation is flooded with modern online only furniture companies, who unfortunately don't give you the option of try before you buy; however, due to our vast range of products in store, you can look, touch, sit, measure all before you bring it home. Choosing furniture can be a difficult thing, as every room is different, but here at our store we want to help you in any way we can.


We may sell modern furniture but it will always be accompanied with old school customer service, and we’re so proud of that.

Come and visit us today. We’d love to help.


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Natuzzi Sofa
Natuzzi Sofa
Natuzzi Sofa
Natuzzi Sofa
9th March 2018

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